Paul Bissonnette Reveals Best Case Scenario For Maple Leafs

Graham Montgomery
March 28, 2024  (4:43 PM)

NHL analyst Paul Bissonnette covering the NHL on TNT
Photo credit: Sportsnet

NHL analyst Paul Bissonnette was recently on TNT covering the NHL when the panel had a discussion about potential first-round matchups for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bissonnette stood out with a unique take.
Considering how tight the playoff race is right now, the Leafs could potentially face a couple of different teams.
However, they have all but clinched a playoff spot with 89 points through 71 games.

Bissonnette calls for Maple Leafs to face Rangers in first round

During the segment on TNT, Bissonnette made a case for the Maple Leafs to fall to the 1st wild card spot, which would give them the New York Rangers as their 1st round matchup. The Rangers lead the NHL with 100 points through 72 games. They take on the Colorado Avalanche tonight in what could be a Stanley Cup finals preview.
"They're for sure going to get a playoff spot. I would actually be okay if they slid into a Wild Card spot and matched up against the Rangers. It might shuffle 10 times from now until the end of the season, but I personally like the matchup against the Rangers a lot better than their rival, the Boston Bruins, and obviously showing what Florida did to them last year and how they're built this year."

That being said, Bissonnette appears to have not been very serious about this analysis. It seems that he does not want the Leafs to play the Rangers for their own good, but rather for the good of the Rangers, who would be favorite in the series.
Biz hoping for the Leafs to fall to the wild card so they get the Rangers in the first round?! 👀 @biznasty2point0

After the segment, he posted a picture of himself wearing a Rangers jersey on X. Notably, he has expressed preference for the Rangers in the past.
Bring me the Fugazi's first round on a platter. #NYR

Bissonnette remains one of the most popular analysts in the NHL, in part due to his wild takes and funny screw ups on television. Be sure to tune in to the NHL on TNT for more of Biz's takes.
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Paul Bissonnette Reveals Best Case Scenario For Maple Leafs

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