Evander Kane's time running out in Edmonton according to insider

Dawson McKenzie
March 28, 2024  (10:27)

Evander Kane skating with the Edmonton Oilers during warmup without his helmet.
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Evander Kane had an impressive start to his season this year, however, he is reportedly causing issues in the Oilers dressing room and his play has declined. This insider thinks his time is running out.

Evander Kane has had a bad history of becoming an issue in whichever team's dressing room he is in. He is a skilled enough player to be a contributing force on any team in the NHL, however, he finds himself on the decline after a few seasons wherever he is. This, sadly, has been a similar trend during his time on the Oilers.
According to Frank Seravalli, Kane's time in Edmonton may just be running out, and he believes the Oilers will have to address him prior to next season. Here is what he had to say.
His act is wearing thin. It's a tale as old as time. He starts off really well in any new place that he goes to and it's like a coach the clock begins to tick. At some point the Oilers were probably have to address it before his contract is up. It may or may not be as soon as this summer, but he wears out his welcome.

His shortcomings were especially highlighted during the Oilers' loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, where the Leafs were able to take their physical play to the next level and push around Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Someone like Evander Kane should have stepped up for them, but he failed to do so.
The result of his performance on Saturday night was a scratch for 'maintenance' on Sunday when the Oilers faced the Senators. Here is what Elliotte Friedman had to say on 32 Thoughts.
What I didn't like on Saturday night... [Connor] McDavid and Draisaitl got pushed around. If I was [in] the Oilers organization I would not have liked how McDavid and Draisaitl were treated in Toronto. There's nothing wrong with what the Maple Leafs did to them - they should try and rough them up - but it's on yourselves to protect them.

This will all be wiped away if Evander Kane can help the Edmonton Oilers to a Stanley Cup final. If he can win a championship with the team, the City of Edmonton will back him no matter what.
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Evander Kane's time running out in Edmonton according to insider

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