Oilers Head Coach Kris Knoblauch calls out referees after latest loss

Dawson McKenzie
May 26, 2024  (10:42)

Kris Knoblauch, head coach of the Edmonton Oilers, during a post-game press conference.
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After the Edmonton Oilers lost game 2 of the series to the Dallas Stars, Kris Knoblauch had some choice words about the officiating.

The Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars are battling out the Western Conference Finals and it is gearing up to be an excellent series, with the Stars tying the series at 1 last night in a pretty dominant 3-1 win. Game 1 saw the Oilers win a thriller in overtime, with Connor McDavid scoring the game-winner.
However, after the last game, Oilers Head Coach Kris Knoblauch had some interesting and choice words about the officiating in game 2, essentially calling them out for the lack of calls for the Oilers.
The standard gets changed a little bit," it would definitely want to make sure it's a penalty when in the regular season, maybe some things get let go. That's obviously unfortunate for us. We've got a very good power play, and we win a lot of games on the power play. It's unfortunate for us that it's tougher to draw penalties in the playoffs than it is in the regular season. That being said, I think the standard is the same for both teams. I'm not saying it's unfair for us, but we would like the same standard.

This could be just a move to get in the ears of officials, hoping that by saying something they are thinking more about the calls that they are making. However, this isn't something that he should rely on, and can send the wrong message to his players.
It is clear, however, that there are some calls being missed that would benefit the Oilers. Especially on choice scoring chances that appear to be the same call that was previously made.
Remember when the #Oilers got a penalty for slashing the hands but it was actually on the leg? This is on a scoring chance.

With game 3 tomorrow night, the Oilers will look to bounce back and take the lead again in the series, and we will see if Knoblauch's comments have any impact.
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Oilers Head Coach Kris Knoblauch calls out referees after latest loss

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