Oilers Fans Unhappy With Owner After Surging Ticket Prices at Oilers Game

Pat Quinn
March 13, 2024  (9:28)

Daryl Katz addresses the media on the state of the Oilers
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The Edmonton Oilers are raising ticket prices and fans are not happy. With the cap going up the teams will have to spend more, but NHL teams do already make a lot of profit. The Oilers already have a sweetheart arena deal with the City of Edmonton where Edmonton taxpayers fund a good portion of the arena, so many citizens are unhappy.

Oilers fans unhappy with price increase as it seems quite unreasonable

Season ticket prices for the upcoming season will increase by 11%, while the playoff prices will climb by 50%. The least expensive tickets inside Rogers Place are currently under$100, but playoff tickets will rise to at least $300 per ticket - and that's not including scalpers and resale. Several supporters expressed their annoyance on social media about the price rise for both the regular season and the playoffs.
Prices will gradually rise to the $300 minimum, which is out of reach for the majority of hockey fans. Katz is receiving a lot of criticism for his perceived selfishness.

Furious fans take to social media to rip into the Oilers organization

Many fans are taking their outrage to Twitter/X
This is extremely frustrating as an
season seat holder. I understand how prices typically increase every year, but there has to be a limit on how bad the price gouging is. A $67 season seat should NOT be $392 for the SCF, this is insane.


Hey @EdmontonOilers, can I get a guarantee that McDavid and Leon will sign new contracts before I pay this 11% increase in ticket pricing?

I got my package, $7992 per seat for next year in sec 109 🥹🥹 totally pricing out avg guy

Playoffs per seat
340 first round
431 second round
606 third round
937 finals

The playoffs tickets got raised by 50 percent. I'm surprised nobody is complaining about that. It's insane.

As you can see, many Oiler fans are not happy. It is unknown if it will affect the next season's attendance.
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Oilers Fans Unhappy With Owner After Surging Ticket Prices at Oilers Game

Will the Oilers lose season ticket holders because of this increase?

Yes4670.8 %
No1929.2 %
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