Montreal Reporter Reveals Martin St Louis' Youngest Son Mason Is The Reason He Left The Team

Tyler Ball
March 18, 2024  (1:37 PM)

Martin St. Louis greeting the Tampa Bay crowd with his son Mason to his left at Amalie Arena where St. Louis was being honored for being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.
Photo credit: Tampa Bay Times

This afternoon a new update has been provided by a Montreal reporter regarding the situation that has forced Martin St. Louis to step away from hockey. The update shared by the reporter has caused some controversy between fans.

Montreal Reporter Shares An Update On St. Louis Family

In the aftermath of Martin St. Louis leaving the Montreal Canadiens one reporter has found out the potential reason why. To this point, there had been rumors about which family member was the reason St. Louis had to leave but now a reporter has confirmed it is his son Mason.
"I wouldn't be surprised if we learn a bit more about the situation of Martin St-Louis' (youngest) son today.

- Max Truman"

This is the first time we have heard any information about which specific family member has led St. Louis to step away. Truman announcing this news has been reacted to in a wide array of ways. Truman even acknowledged that releasing this news is up to the family.

Montreal Reporter Declines To Release Further Details On St. Louis

While Truman released which of St. Louis' sons is dealing with the crisis he did not expand further. Truman says for the privacy of the family and the Canadiens organization more information will need to come directly from them.
"That's why I won't release anything. It's private.

It's up to the family or the Habs to release what needs to be released (or not).

- Max Truman"

While it is nice that Truman is not divulging truly private details about the family's situation leaving this open-ended could lead to reporters prying for more information. If Truman wanted to respect their privacy he would allow the family to reveal details on their timeline including which of their family members is involved.
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Montreal Reporter Reveals Martin St Louis' Youngest Son Mason Is The Reason He Left The Team

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