WOW | Former NHL player who was coached by Sutter completely bashes him by exposing an altercation they had

Published January 23, 2023 at 4:48 PM

The big story of the weekend was of course the heartless behavior of Calgary Flames head coach Darryl Sutter, who disrespected young Jakob Pelletier, who had just played his first career game.

On the lunchtime show on On Jase on RDS, former NHL player Denis Gauthier made a juicy revelation about Sutter, who was once his coach.

Gauthier, who is not shy about saying how much he hates the coach, mentioned that he once blew him off when he was under his command in Calgary.

Gauthier bluntly calls Sutter bully and that he was the type of coach who pushed players to the limit constantly, until they eventually confronted him.

When commenting on his former coach's recent behavior, the RDS analyst admitted to feeling emotional towards the young kid.

"It's disappointing and distressing for the kid who is 21 years old and living his dream of playing in the NHL. He was called up two weeks ago and he wasn't dressed during that time. He was just practicing." - Denis Gauthier

He laments the way the Flames handled Pelletier in the two weeks following his recall.

He adds that the comments of the Flames coach indicate that Sutter did not want to see Pelletier in his way, but that the DG imposed the recall of the Quebecer.

It sounds like a guy who didn't want him there. It sounds like it was his GM who forced the recall of Pelletier on him. He put up with it and had him practice for two weeks and at some point he had no choice but to play him. That's how it sounds to me. I may be wrong, but with my experience with Darryl, I wouldn't be surprised." - Denis Gauthier

The former defenseman even says he's convinced Sutter was ready for the question from reporters about Pelletier after the game.

"Instead, he insulted the process, the kid and the family." - Denis Gauthier

Fortunately in Montreal, with Martin St-Louis as coach, there is no chance that he will disrespect anyone as Sutter has so often done in his career.

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WOW | Former NHL player who was coached by Sutter completely bashes him by exposing an altercation they had

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