Pat Maroon and Nic Deslauriers fighting during an NHL game.
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True Heavyweight Fight Breaks Out Between Pat Maroon and Nick Deslauriers During Stoppage of Play

Published January 13, 2024 at 9:31

In old-school hockey fashion last night, Pat Maroon and Nic Deslauriers dropped the gloves in a true heavy-weight fight that saw them both throwing huge right hands.

Maroon and Deslauriers Agree to Fight on A Whim

Pat Maroon and Nic Deslauriers are no strangers to dropping the gloves, both with 6 fights already this season. This type of player is slowly being removed from the league, with roster spots becoming more and more valuable as the league gets more skilled.

Last night gave us a reminder of what the NHL used to be like though, as Maroon and Deslauriers agreed to drop the gloves for seemingly no reason but to get the energy going in the building. Take a look.

Nic Deslauriers vs. Pat Maroon 🥊🥊🥊

The two experienced fighters showed their composure during the tilt, and it wasn't until Deslauriers was able to get around Maroon's grip that anything truly happened. At that point, Deslauriers was able to throw some big rights from behind, taking down Maroon.

Do You Think Fighting Will Always Be a Part of Hockey?

There have been a lot of moves by leagues of all ranges to try and make it harder to fight in hockey. It wasn't that long ago that the NHL enacted a rule that prohibited players from taking their helmets off during a fight.

However, fighting has been pretty resilient, and despite the smaller number of true enforcers remaining in the league, players still drop the gloves all the time. That shows to me that fighting isn't going anywhere, as there will always be players willing to drop the gloves when they think it is worth it.
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True Heavyweight Fight Breaks Out Between Pat Maroon and Nick Deslauriers During Stoppage of Play

Who won the fight?

Deslauriers1763 %
Maroon1037 %
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