Surprising statement : Juraj Slafkovsky was clearly not the right choice for the Habs

Published August 19, 2023 at 2:54 PM

We're at the dawn of the next NHL season, and players from all over are slowly arriving in North America to train with their teammates.

The first overall pick in 2022, Juraj Slafkovsky, arrived in early August and has been working hard this summer. He says he's ready to hit the ground running this season.

The Coyotes didn't believe it, but Logan Cooley, the 3rd overall pick in 2022, finally signed his entry-level contract and will join the team this season. Quebecer Maveric Lamoureux had good things to say about his teammate, but it's got CH fans jumping.

In my opinion, Cooley is the best of the draft. The way he sees the game, it's another level. He finds everybody. He easily gave me three scoring chances [at the last development camp]." - Maveric Lamoureux

Did the Canadiens make a mistake in selecting Juraj Slafkovsky? Should they have taken Cooley? The question arises.

Certainly, this selection was not unanimously acclaimed, nor was David Reinbacher's this year. But it's too early to compare.

Last year, Slaf played in the NHL and Cooley in the NCAA. Although he had a solid season, the American has yet to play in the league, so it's hard to get an idea. Just as Lamoureux has never played with Juraj, so it's hard to say he's worse than Cooley.

Nevertheless, good luck to Lamoureux and Cooley. Let's hope the Quebecer is able to carve out a place in the Arizona line-up, where he can play in front of a few hundred fans.

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Surprising statement : Juraj Slafkovsky was clearly not the right choice for the Habs

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