Sheldon Keefe during a post-game interview.
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Sheldon Keefe Gets Criticized By a Player's Wife For a Terrible Decision

Published December 31, 2023 at 12:24

Once again, Sheldon Keefe finds himself facing criticism for a questionable decision he made during last night's game.

Keefe's Choice to Bench Kampf Ends Impressive Streak

In a surprising move, Coach Keefe opted to scratch forward David Kampf, a decision that has generated a lot of criticism in the fanbase.

The Hurricanes managed to score two goals out of four powerplay opportunities, a situation where Kampf, a renowned talented penalty-killer, could have potentially help prevent.

However, the consequences of Keefe's decision go beyond just the loss; it shattered Kampf's chance of reaching an impressive NHL record. The Czech player had an outstanding streak of 323 consecutive games, which came to an end last night. Kampf, highly respected within the Leafs' locker room, joins the list of players affected by Keefe's horrible decision-making.

Kampf's wife posted a message on Instagram concerning her husband's streak ending because of Keefe.


Kampf's Wife Sublty Criticizes Keefe's Decision on Instagram

On her Instagram account, she shared the following story:


Although she didn't mention him by name, it seems evident that the post was targeted at Keefe.

In today's NHL, seeing players play more than 300 consecutive games has become increasingly rare. Factors like injuries and the high level of competition make it challenging for players to reach that impressive miletsone.

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As seen on Hockey Patrol - Kampf's Wife Publicly Criticizes Sheldon Keefe
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Sheldon Keefe Gets Criticized By a Player's Wife For a Terrible Decision

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