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Kevin Bieksa Goes on a Rant Against The Toronto Maple Leafs and Sheldon Keefe

Published December 31, 2023 at 9:02

Kevin Bieksa was furious with Sheldon Keefe, the head coach of the Maple Leafs, on Saturday night after Keefe benched a player for a defensive mistake.

The Leafs Head coach has a new plan for accountability on defense

Sheldon Keefe, the head coach of the Leafs, has instituted a "low tolerance" policy for defensive errors. On Saturday night, Keefe began the strategy by benching David Kampf, the fourth line center.

Sheldon Keefe says there is going to be «less tolerance» for defensive mistakes going forward and cites David Kampf as a scratch as an example of that tonight. Pontus Holmberg will draw in.

The Leafs lost Saturday night, but only by a narrow margin of 3-2. Maybe Keefe's message got through as the team only let in two goals.

Bieksa is not happy with Keefe benching a Leafs forward

Kevin Bieksa dismantled Sheldon Keefe's new defensive accountability scheme on the Sportsnet panel.

"It's another excuse we're making for the goaltending. It's another bad goal by Samsonov.

"You're picking the wrong guy. You're picking Kampf, a guy who is your number one defensive center who makes a million great defensive plays on a team with a lot of guys that don't make a lot of great plays with the puck."

It's evident that Bieksa is furious that other people are shouldering the blame and accuses goalie Ilya Samsonov of being at fault.

"How many turnovers have there been tonight? Has the message been sent? Or is it just we are gonna pick on this one guy and hopefully everyone else gets in line?"

Keefe would be smart to ensure that every member of the Leafs team is capable of developing discipline and doesn't just choose low salary players. Many will be pleased in the end if Keefe's new strategy results in more victories with fewer goals against, and hopefully less blowout losses.

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Kevin Bieksa Goes on a Rant Against The Toronto Maple Leafs and Sheldon Keefe

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