Connor Bedard handling a puck in the offensive zone against the Columbus Blue Jackets in Columbus.
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Chicago Blackhawks Make A Decision To Protect Connor Bedard From Himself

Published December 30, 2023 at 9:12 PM

Today an NHL reporter has announced that the Chicago Blackhawks have made a decision that will protect Connor Bedard from himself.

Bedard Shows His Unmatched Work Ethic

Since before he was drafted the work ethic of Connor Bedard was something of a legend to those who knew him. This seemed to follow Bedard to Chicago where his head coach has glowingly discussed Bedard's work ethic.

According to Luke Richardson, he was caught off guard at the hotel gym when his 18-year-old rookie strolled in for some morning stretching. But that's the kind of athlete Bedard has proven to be.

"I think he's that guy. He's eager," Richardson said Sunday. "I'm in the gym at 6:30 this morning and he rolls in not too long after me and he's in there stretching in his bare feet preparing his routine before the game."

Along with comments from coach Richardson is a video from early in the year where Connor Bedard was caught on the ice by himself well over an hour after practice ended.

With the work ethic and incredible consistency of Bedard, many became concerned when he was not spotted at the Blackhawks' most recent practice.

Bedard Misses Practice Due To Blackhawks Decision

After it was noticed that Connor Bedard was absent from Blackhawks practice fans became worried. One fan went to Chicago Blackhawks reporter Ben Pope and asked where Bedard was.

a fan stated:

'No Bedard? Is that a first?'

Pope of Chicago Suntimes responded with:

'Yeah I'm shocked he's not out there. They might have told him he has to rest.'

Pope believes there is no need for concern. He says it could be the team protecting Bedard from himself. With how much hockey Bedard has played and how many practices he has gone through a day off is well-earned.

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Chicago Blackhawks Make A Decision To Protect Connor Bedard From Himself

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