Sean Avery Destroys Ryan Reaves After Brad Marchand Incident

Published November 8, 2023 at 10:46

Sean Avery recently revealed the biggest issue with Ryan Reaves in Toronto and didn't hold back on his criticisms.

Sean Avery Roasts Ryan Reaves For Lack Of Response and Poor Play in Toronto

Ryan Reaves was brought to the Leafs for one big reason, and that was to add toughness to the lineup. He showed up on the first two nights of the season ready to do that, getting into two fights. However, since then, his response has been lacking.

Recently, Brad Marchand had a dirty play on Leafs defenceman Timothy Liljegren that went uncalled. The lack of a response from the Leafs, especially Reaves, went noticed by the media. Sean Avery, former NHL tough guy and agitator, called out the exact reason why it isn't working for Reaves in Toronto.

"He's -8, we all know how bad he is, he can't shoot, and pass in the modern day NHL, that obvious."

"Where was Ryan Reaves after the Brad Marchand can opener?"

"He said he didn't get matched up with Brad Marchand. You're one of the worst players in the league. Of course you're not going to get matched up against Marchand. You still need to find a way to make Marchand scared of you."

Avery Has Already Taken His Shot at Reaves This Year and Now Takes Another

Reaves is definitely getting his time in the sun with the Toronto Media, but with that can come a sunburn. He has been criticized for his defensive efforts and sheltered minutes and now has been criticized by Avery for a second time.

The first time Avery went after Reaves was regarding the Corey Perry comments, in which Avery felt Reaves wouldn't even be in the lineup halfway through the year. It's now looking like his prediction might be correct.

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Sean Avery Destroys Ryan Reaves After Brad Marchand Incident

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