Sad news for the players and staff of the Montreal Canadiens

Published December 23, 2022 at 8:10

Despite all the hassles of getting the Tricolore to Dallas, the team finally arrived at their destination earlier today and will face the Stars on Friday.

However, due to the difficult weather in Quebec and parts of the United States, the Habs could be in for some very bad news as Christmas approaches.

If the plane cannot land on the night of December 23rd to 24th in Montreal, all the members of the organization present in Dallas could have to miss Christmas with their families.

"The collective bargaining agreement requires NHL clubs to give players three days off at Christmas, unless Dec. 26 is a Saturday, that's two days.

It also explains why the CH is concerned about the weather in Montreal and the club will not compromise people's safety."

"All indications are that Friday's game will be in Dallas. But there are discussions going on with the NHL right now because the CH is concerned that they won't be able to get back to Montreal on the night of the 23rd to 24th to come back and celebrate Christmas with their families."

- Luc Gélinas

It would be pretty bad if the members of the organization got stuck in Dallas for Christmas, instead of being with their families. Still, it would be good for the team chemistry, which is already amazing.

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