A major trade proposal for goaltender Devon Levi has just been made by Mathias Brunet

Published December 22, 2022 at 1:20 PM

We learned the very interesting information yesterday, from Max Truman of BPM Sports, that the Montreal Canadiens were strongly interested in the Buffalo Sabres goaltender, Devon Levi.

Called to comment on the subject, journalist Mathias Brunet came back on this major information that was revealed by his colleague from BPM Sports.

Basically, Brunet explained that a young goalie is excessively unpredictable, even if he has phenomenal stats in his current league, in this case, the NCAA for Levi.

According to him, until the goalie has played an NHL game to prove his worth, it is very risky to invest a lot of money for an inexperienced goalie.

He would not want to overpay for a potential "future goalie" like Devon Levi. Brunet added that he certainly wouldn't give a first round pick for the Northeastern University goalie.

On the other hand, the reporter was willing to get wet, mentioning some of the players he would be willing to trade for Devon Levi. He names two:

- Jayden Struble
- A second round pick

"You don't give away a top prospect, you don't give away a first-round pick." - Mathias Brunet

Like Levi, Struble is a player who needs time and can play in the NHL one day. However, since the goaltender has more potential to make an impact in the league, the second round pick still makes up the difference.

Here is Brunet's concrete offer:

To the Canadiens:
- Devon Levi (G)

To the Sabres:
- Jayden Struble (D)
- 2024 second-round pick from Colorado

Would you make the trade?
December 22   |   76 answers
A major trade proposal for goaltender Devon Levi has just been made by Mathias Brunet

Who says no to the following trade: Devon Levi vs Jayden Struble + 2nd round 2024?

Buffalo2330.3 %
Montréal2127.6 %
Good trade for both teams3242.1 %
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