Ryan Reaves Speaks On His No Show Response Following Marchand's Controversial Hit

Published November 4, 2023 at 12:50

Reaves Vows Game Adjustments After Marchand Incident

Ryan Reaves has acknowledged the need for a strategic shift in his gameplay following a controversial moment with Brad Marchand, who is a Forward for the Boston Bruins.

This reflection comes after a hit by Marchand left Timothy Liljegren, the Leafs Defenseman, injured and unable to return to the game.

Enhanced On-Ice Accountability

Responding to the backlash for not engaging in a fight with Marchand post-incident, Reaves has committed to a proactive approach in the future.

In discussions with the press, Reaves conveyed a clear message: he's ready to adopt a firmer attitude when situations demand a robust response on the ice.

Despite joining the Toronto Maple Leafs with the expectation of making a significant impact, Reaves has faced critique for his minimal influence thus far.

His statistics reflect a slow start, and while he's shown a physical presence with a team-leading 19 hits, fans and management alike are expecting more, particularly in the wake of the Marchand situation, which has perplexed many supporters.

Liljegren's Injury and Team Response

The game witnessed Liljegren suffering an injury due to Marchand's forceful hit into the boards. The Maple Leafs opted to maintain their game strategy, avoiding a retaliatory penalty.

Subsequently, Liljegren's injury was deemed severe enough to warrant placement on Long Term Injured Reserve (LTIR), with reports from Head Coach Sheldon Keefe describing it as a high-ankle sprain.

To fill the void left by Liljegren, Max Lajoie and Simon Benoit were called up from the AHL, indicating a quick response from the Leafs' management to address the defensive lineup.

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Ryan Reaves Speaks On His No Show Response Following Marchand's Controversial Hit

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