T.J. Oshie Explains His Choice to Wear a Neck Guard

Published November 4, 2023 at 11:05

An important forward from the Washington Capitals made a significant statement regarding his decision to wear a neck guard during yesterday's game.

Top Capitals Forward Chooses Safety, Wears Neck Guard


In the recent game between the Washington Capitals and the San Jose Sharks, forward T.J. Oshie opted to wear a neck guard. Oshie's choice stood out as he sported a customized neck protector from his own sporting goods line, Warroad Hockey Co., which specializes in cut-resistant equipment such as neck and sleeve protectors designed to mitigate the risk of potential injuries.

After the game, Oshie provided insight into his decision to use the Warroad neck guard, explaining that it was motivated by his commitment to his family's well-being. He expressed a desire to be there for his loved ones and reduce the likelihood of a dangerous on-ice incident that could have a lasting impact.

"I made my own choice for my kids. I want to stick around for them. I'm just trying to decrease the chance of injury.»

Neck Guards Gain in Popularity


The use of neck guards has gained significant attention in the hockey community, particularly after the tragic incident involving Adam Johnson, who suffered a fatal neck injury from an opponent's skate during a British hockey game.

The Western Hockey League promptly mandated the use of neck guard protection as of November 3rd, with the OHL and QMJHL already having established guidelines.

Discussions between NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA executive director Marty Walsh have explored the potential implementation of neck guards in the NHL. However, implementing a mandate may be challenging if players wish to opt-out, and concrete decisions are pending.

Currently, wearing neck and sleeve protection is not mandatory in the NHL, though the specifics of any potential league policy change remain uncertain.

In the meantime, Warroad's neck protectors have gained popularity as safety equipment on the ice, with the online store experiencing sold-out inventory due to high demand, as noted on the Warroad website.

Due to an influx of demand for our cut-resistant TILO Neck and Wrist base layers, we recently sold out. We are restocking as quickly as possible.

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T.J. Oshie Explains His Choice to Wear a Neck Guard

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