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Ryan Reaves Given A Massive Blow in Recent Report

Published January 18, 2024 at 11:49

Ryan Reaves has struggled in his first year with the Toronto Maple Leafs and this new report highlights just how bad it has been for the veteran forward.

Reaves Given Massive Blow in Recent Report Grading Leafs Performance

It's safe to say this season isn't going exactly to plan for the Toronto Maple Leafs. They are currently on a four-game losing streak and have one of the lowest number of wins in regulation in all of the NHL. With the midpoint of the season passing us by, Jonas Siegel of the Athletic has handed out his midseason grades for all of the Leafs.

Ryan Reaves didn't score so well on his performance, getting a D-. Here is what Siegel had to say.

«The path to playing time feels even murkier now than before, what with the fourth line finding an identity with McMann in there alongside Gregor and Kämpf. The Rangers had similar issues with Reaves last season (they were filled in when he was out there) and eventually dealt him to Minnesota. Is there a market for him again with two more years left on his contract and his 37th birthday ahead later this week? Will he end up on waivers?»

Reaves' Three Year Deal Might Make Him a Tricky Asset to Deal With

Based solely on his performance this year, its pretty obvious that Treliving was the loser in the Reaves contract negotiations. While $1.5 million AAV doesn't sound like a lot for a veteran tough guy, Reaves hasn't even been able to secure a footing on the Leafs Roster.

The Leafs will have to contend with his contract for the next 3 years. They could elect to place Reaves on Waivers, hoping that he is scooped up by another team. However, based on his play this year, that seems unlikely. What's more likely is that the Leafs will spend $1.5 million on a guy playing in the minors when they are in a cap situation where they need every penny.

We will see how Treliving handles his first big contract slip-up of his Leafs tenure.

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Ryan Reaves Given A Massive Blow in Recent Report

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