Rumour: Chicago Blackhawks Reportedly Shopping Corey Perry

Published November 7, 2023 at 10:32

Only 11 games into the season, and rumors have already begun circulating about Corey Perry's imminent departure from the Chiacgo Blackhawks.


Perry Rumoured to be Traded out of Chicago

Corey Perry's arrival in the Chicago Blackhawks' roster this past summer was met with skepticism about his long-term stay. He was brought in primarily to provide veteran leadership to the Blackhawks' youthful core, but now there's talk of his potential departure.

As the season goes on, the Blackhawks are expected to explore options to trade Perry to a team aiming for contention, with hopes of securing valuable assets to help their ongoing rebuilding process.


Two Potential Trade Destinations for Perry: The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightning

Reports have suggested that Perry could end up in one of two destinations: Toronto or Tampa Bay.

Given Ryan Reaves' disappointing performance at the start of the season, Toronto might be interested in adding another experienced player skilled at getting into his opponents' heads.

Tampa Bay is also a possibility for Perry, which adds an intriguing twist as it was his former team. While an immediate trade may be unlikely, there's potential for developments as the trade deadline approaches that could see Perry bidding farewell to Chicago.

As seen on Hawks Insider - Perry reportedly on the move out of Chicago
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Rumour: Chicago Blackhawks Reportedly Shopping Corey Perry

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