Revelation from a former Montreal Canadien: A big clue about Kent Hughes' probable intentions regarding Matvei Michkov

Published May 19, 2023 at 4:39 PM

Matvei Michkov is one of the most talked about players heading into the upcoming NHL Entry Draft in Nashville in June.

While he is considered a top pick, his potential selection could be hampered by some controversial questions regarding his eligibility.

That's what former Montreal Canadiens coach Michel Therrien explained during his appearance on TVA Sports' La Poche Bleue at noon.

Therrien suggested that teams should still pick the best player available and ignore the controversy that may be associated with a certain prospect.

"In a situation like this, the important thing is to go with the best player. Me, I'd go with the guy who has the most talent and the guy who can have the most impact on your team. It's tricky, but in my opinion, they're going to go with the player who has the most potential. They're going to disregard everything. Everyone I've worked with has always gone with the best player they thought."

Therrien also drew parallels between Mishkov's situation and Logan Mailloux's two years ago, when the Philadelphia Flyers decided not to select him because of the controversy surrounding him.

"If you make the comparison to Logan Mailloux, he was probably on every list. At the time, I was in Philadelphia and I had personally asked the general manager, Chuck Fletcher, where he was on our list. He had told me between 10 and 15, but I don't remember exactly."

"When there's a controversy and it's more sensitive, the owners will often make the final decision. In the case of Logan Mailloux, several clubs wanted to draft him before, but he had asked not to be drafted. On the Flyers' side, there was no way Comcast was going to draft a player and have a negative impact on the company."

The question now for potential teams is how much of a risk they are willing to take by selecting Michkov early in their draft order not knowing whether or not it is worth waiting a few seasons for him to arrive in North America due to his current eligibility status.

However, given his immense talent and the esteem in which he is held by the experts, it wouldn't be too surprising if teams decided to take a chance on him, despite the potential implications that could arise from such a decision.

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Revelation from a former Montreal Canadien: A big clue about Kent Hughes' probable intentions regarding Matvei Michkov

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