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Respected Insider Bashes Auston Matthews for his Recent Extension in Toronto

Published August 28, 2023 at 6:17 PM

The Four-Year Extension


Following weeks of anticipation, the Toronto Maple Leafs secured a four-year extension for their exceptional talent, Auston Matthews, cementing his position as the NHL's highest-earning player in terms of average annual value.

However, questions remain about whether this deal truly satisfies all parties involved. Speculation has swirled for a considerable period, with rumours suggesting that Matthews' representatives favoured a shorter contract while Toronto's management leaned toward a more extended commitment. Ultimately, Matthews seems to have emerged as the victor in these negotiations.

Insider's Thoughts


This outcome hasn't been without its critics, though, including Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos, who has particularly scrutinized the Maple Leafs' front office, suggesting they gave in to Matthews' demands.

"There's people out there that say why is he $600K more than the highest paid in the league that won a Stanley Cup in Nathan MacKinnon? Not as many as there would be at $14M, but there's still gonna be people out there questioning why he jumped significantly to become the highest paid player in the league when he was, last year, no where near the best player.

Why not seven or eight years at $13.25M? Why only four? Connor McDavid signed max, Nathan MacKinnon signed max, Leon Drasaitl signed max. Why does this guy become the highest paid guy in the league if he's only doing it for 4 years?... The AAV may be irrelevant (McDavid), but the term is not. MacKinnon signed for 8 last year after winning the Stanley Cup. They (Avalanche) didn't let him on the hook with four."

Despite the chorus of disapproval, Matthews is now securely tied to the Maple Leafs for the next five seasons, granting both him and the team a substantial amount of flexibility to evaluate their trajectory over this period. This agreement is poised to yield mutual benefits. Given the scrutiny that is typical of the Toronto market, it's hardly unexpected that opinions on this contract are divided.

Only time will provide insight into whether Toronto's decision to opt for a shorter extension was the right one or if they should have committed to a longer tenure. With the focus now shifting to the upcoming 2023-24 season, Matthews, alongside the core-four players, holds the Maple Leafs' hopes of finally bringing an end to their enduring quest for the Stanley Cup.

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Respected Insider Bashes Auston Matthews for his Recent Extension in Toronto

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