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Major turn of events involving Logan Mailloux and Gary Bettman

Published August 28, 2023 at 3:24 PM

A few days ago, Renaud Lavoie reported that young Logan Mailloux had received absolution from Gary Bettman and the NHL. A few hours later, the defenseman spoke to fans in French, telling them that he can't wait to bring the Cup back to Montreal.

Everyone was relieved, especially as the way Mailloux spoke seemed set in stone, and Renaud Lavoie's words rang truer than ever.

"According to several sources, Logan Mailloux has been given the green light to play in the NHL when he gets a job with the Canadiens, which puts an end to all speculation." - Renaud Lavoie

According to Journal de Montréal journalist Jonathan Bernier, Mailloux is still awaiting official absolution from the NHL.

"The Canadiens have yet to receive official confirmation from the NHL regarding the absolution Gary Bettman offered Logan Mailloux to allow him to play in the NHL."

- Jonathan Bernier

The discourse has changed dramatically between what Renaud and Jonathan are saying. However, it's possible that the agreement was made verbally and that the CH is waiting for official confirmation, in writing.

If that's not the case, and the NHL is really dragging its feet on this, it's starting to get ridiculous.

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Major turn of events involving Logan Mailloux and Gary Bettman

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