Reputable insider reveals HUGE trade rumor involving fan favorite in Montreal

Published December 7, 2022 at 11:53

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in the NHL, even though everything is currently in neutral on the trade market.

Many analysts believe that when the first big player moves on, it will slowly bring down the other dominoes, prompting teams in a good position to pick up some pieces to equip themselves for the playoffs.

That being said, the rumors have been particularly persistent around one particular CH player for the past several weeks and that is Josh Anderson. While his name has been circulating widely with teams in Western Canada, it would appear that an Eastern team is particularly interested in acquiring the power forward.

According to the information reported by TSN's insider, Darren Dreger, the New Jersey Devils are very interested in acquiring Anderson. Remember that there were serious rumors linking him to the Devils in this summer's draft.

A popular insider on Twitter gave his opinion frankly to the comments reported by Dreger and I must admit that I completely agree with him.

« The Devils are interested in acquiring Josh Anderson?

I still say: It's now or never to trade Anderson. His contract will be heavy when the CH is competitive.

The Devils have an excellent pool of young talent... it's a good fit!" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

It is important to remember that Anderson is 28 years old, earns $5.5 million until 2027 and has only nine points in 24 games this season. His history of serious injuries is also a concern for the Habs.

Indeed, number 17 has a unique player profile. A big, physical guy with a great skating stroke and an interesting shot, he can also deliver big checks and play playoff hockey. On the other hand, his blatant inconsistency makes him a particularly annoying player to watch.

Every year we see a major phenomenon that Kent Hughes must take advantage of. A tough winger with a good skating stroke and the ability to score goals is traded at a very high price to a Stanley Cup contender and Anderson could be that player this year.

New Jersey has several good players that could be of great interest to Hughes to trade their big winger. Personally, I would love to see the Habs get their hands on a Seamus Casey and/or a Nolan Foote, along with a pick in the next draft.

Considering the large number of teams interested in his services, we can still dream of an overbid and a very interesting return, in exchange for Anderson.

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Reputable insider reveals HUGE trade rumor involving fan favorite in Montreal

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