The Habs have a near-perfect prospect who is killing it right now and is a gem in the organization

December 7, 2022  (10:14)

We often forget that among the many quality young players in the Canadiens' prospect pool, the organization has another gem that is getting dangerously close to Montreal.

I'm talking about Sean Farrell, a 21 year old small forward who is killing it in the NCAA this season.
A fourth round pick in 2020, the American has been smoking this year, racking up 18 points in just 11 games. He is so solid, he ranks second in the American college league in points per game average at 1.64.
In addition to being a spark plug offensively for his team, what sets Farrell's style of play apart is that he is not a guy who cheats to pad his scoring record. He's quick as a cat, has a very solid skate, has very soft hands, a lightning shot, great vision and a front end that is a coach's dream.
In addition, despite being only 5 feet 9 inches tall, he plays with a drive and a desire to win that is reminiscent of a certain Brendan Gallagher. Like the CH's number 11, he loves to play in his opponents' heads and is very talkative on the ice.
What is impressive about Farrell is that he is extremely versatile on the ice, thanks to his skills and his "hockey IQ" that is well above average. This allows him to play on the first wave of the power play and on the first unit on the short-handed side.
Being a very bright young man, playing for Harvard University that proves it, the beauty of Farrell's personality is that he doesn't seem to grasp how high his potential is. This reality makes him question himself, which is always relevant in a young player looking to improve. He has identified two areas that he would like to improve in order to be NHL ready.
"I want to get stronger and win more battles along the boards. That's important once you get to the NHL." - Sean Farrell

For those who question his ability with a higher level of play, know that Farrell was selected twice last year by the U.S. hockey program. Once for the Olympics and the second time, for the Senior World Championship, out of all the NHL players that make the postseason.
In fact, he even finished third in Team USA in scoring at age 20 with no professional games under his belt with six points in 10 games. For the Olympics, he finished first in scoring with six points in four games.
Even Cole Caufield is unequivocal with his former U.S. developmental teammate, he is a steal from the 2020 Canadian draft.
From his own words, there is no doubt that he is ready to put on his Montreal Canadiens jersey.
"If I'm ready, playing for the Canadiens next year is definitely something I want to do!" - Sean Farrell

In summary, Sean Farrell has immense potential and is a high quality prospect in the Canadiens organization. If the conditions are right at the end of the season, with a playoff run by his college team and room in the Habs lineup, I wouldn't be surprised if management dares to burn a year of his contract to test him with the big club at the end of this season.
The Habs have a near-perfect prospect who is killing it right now and is a gem in the organization

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