RUMOR: Patrick Kane Seems to Already Have Chosen His Next Team

Published November 12, 2023 at 8:44 PM

According to this rumor, Patrick Kane seems to have already chosen his next team, and it may be for more than one year.

Kane Rumored to Have Signed Multi-Year Deal In Buffalo

Among all the speculation about where Patrick Kane will play this season, all signs are pointing to the Buffalo native making a return to his hometown to play for the Sabres. According to a post going viral online, Kane has signed a multi-year deal with the Sabres in the $3.5-4 million per year range.

It's going to happen sometime this week. Patrick Kane will sign with the Buffalo Sabres; two year deal in the $3.5-$4M per season range. #LetsGoBuffalo #HeavyHockey

This isn't the only post to have reported on the Sabres offering Kane a two-year deal. While there hasn't been an official announcement yet, it appears to be well-reported that the Sabres are significantly interested in having Kane for two years.

I'll just address what I know. As I reported last week, I believe a two-year offer was put on the table.

A few numbers I heard ranged from $3-4 million but please don't run with that. Not confirmed just sharing.

No official decision has been made that I'm aware of but

How Do the Sabres Fit Kane Among Their Young Prospects?

If it is true that Kane is going to be in Buffalo for two years, they will need to figure out what they are doing with their young prospects. One of Benson, Savoie, Kulich, or Rosen will be pushed from their spot, and over two years this could hurt their NHL development.

Another reminder that a multi year deal for Patrick Kane will 100% block out a path for one of Buffalo's 1st round prospects who aren't that far from being NHL ready

53 - 72 - 89
77 - 24 - 22
?? - 37 - 88
12 - 19 - ??

What's the plan with Benson, Savoie, Kulich, and Rosén?

While the Sabres do want to win, they should be careful to balance Kane's short-term value with the long-term development of their top prospects.
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RUMOR: Patrick Kane Seems to Already Have Chosen His Next Team

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