Rumours Swirling About Connor McDavid's Power in Edmonton

Published November 12, 2023 at 7:39 PM

Potential Influence of Connor McDavid in Oilers' Management Decisions

In the aftermath of the Edmonton Oilers' 4-1 victory over the Seattle Kraken, GM Ken Holland announced the departure of coach Jay Woodcroft, with Kris Knoblauch stepping in as the replacement. Knoblauch's connection to Connor McDavid is notable, as he isn't widely recognized in the hockey world, yet he shares a strong link with McDavid.


McDavid's Connections in the Oilers' Executive Ranks

McDavid's influence in the Oilers' organization extends beyond the coaching change. Jeff Jackson, the CEO of Hockey Operations advising GM Ken Holland, is also McDavid's former agent. Jackson was appointed by the Oilers in August.

These connections put two individuals with significant influence within close proximity to McDavid. While it might be a coincidence, the alignment is noteworthy. However, Jackson has explicitly denied any player involvement in the recent coaching decision.

We didn't consult with the players on this decision. They are here to play hockey. They don't like being involved in these types of decision. Connor and the other leaders had nothing to do with this decision

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Rumours Swirling About Connor McDavid's Power in Edmonton

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