Players Receives Ridiculous Fine and Suspension After Incident with Ref

Published October 16, 2023 at 8:44

Referee Incident Draws Attention in SHL Match


Player safety is paramount in professional leagues, a sentiment that extends not just to players but to referees as well.

In a recent SHL match, an unsettling incident occurred involving an official.

Timra's Albin Lundin caused a linesman to trip, leading to a hefty fine and an impending suspension.

See the incident for yourself:

As a consequence, Lundin is set to face a three-game suspension and will also be fined 10,000 Swedish krona, equivalent to roughly $900 US.

Responses from the League and Player

In a statement, the SHL clarified their stance:

"The board finds that Albin Lundin was, in any case, indifferent to the collision with the linesman. It should also be noted that Albin Lundin did not even stop after knocking the referee to the ice or take any other notice of the incident."

Lundin shared his perspective post-game:

"After the whistle blew, I looked up at the jumbotron to see what happened. I know I ran into the referee, but I wanted to see with how much force. After that, I went straight up to the official to apologize and tell him it wasn't on purpose. I apologized several times to the linesman."

"I just tried to move forward when I left the bench; I went straight forward the whole time. You can debate whether I should have seen him, absolutely, but I didn't."

Timra's Manager, Kimmo Kapanen, has indicated plans to appeal the decision.

Stay tuned for further updates.

As reported on Markerzone - Suspension and Fine Handed Out to Player Who Injured Referee
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Players Receives Ridiculous Fine and Suspension After Incident with Ref

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