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Penguins Star Player Reportedly Has This Canadian Team on His No-Trade List

Published January 4, 2024 at 9:53

This Penguins star is one of their biggest trade assets right now, and he reportedly has this Canadian team on his no-trade list, limiting their ability to get him.

Jake Guentzel Reportedly Has the Canucks on His No-Trade List

The Pittsburgh Penguins are running out of options to bring their season back on the track that they had hoped for at the beginning of the year. With 40 points, they sit near the bottom of the Metro Division, and its clear some big changes are needed if they want to salvage the season.

One of the biggest rumoured trades for the Penguins involves moving Jake Guentzel. Guentzel is in the last year of his contract, and is due for a massive pay increase that the Penguins may not want to make. He would bring in some important assets for a Penguins rebuild, and moving him seems highly likely.

It was reported by Rick Dhaliwal that Guentzel has the Vancouver Canucks on his no-trade list, a team that could be interested in his services.

"I'll be very surprised if the Canucks are not in on him, if, capital letters, if, the Penguins make him available. Someone also told me that the Canucks are on his no-trade list...The Canucks are on a lot of players' no-trade list because they've done nothing but lose for the last 10 years, so that's not a surprise.

Of course, Guentzel could waive his list if he believes that the trade will benefit him, and Dhaliwal says he very well could do that.

Guentzel Playing Lights Out This Year And Will Be an Expensive Rental

Guentzel is playing lights out this year, and clearly any team that wants to bring him in on a one year rental will have to pay for it. It will be interesting to see if the Canucks bite, and they need to be careful not to risk the bright looking future that they have built by going all in too soon.

Guentzel gets the Pens another last minute goal.

two crucial goals scored at the end of both periods. feels good to be the aggressors for a changeusually it's the Pens sitting back waiting for the period to end

With the deadline approaching, we will see where Guentzel ends up and what his cost truly is.

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Penguins Star Player Reportedly Has This Canadian Team on His No-Trade List

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