Paul Bissonnette Defends Brad Marchand After Liljegren Incident

Published November 3, 2023 at 2:52 PM

Liljegren Leaves the Game Visibly Injured


Timothy Liljegren got injured on Thursday night in a game against the Boston Bruins.

As he was going for the puck in the corner, competing with Brad Marchand, he fell onto the boards and left the game.

Marchand received a lot of criticism for the incident, as he clearly puts his stick between Liljegren's leg, causing him to fall on the ice.

If you missed it, the referee who didn't call the penalty on the play provided the worst explanation possible to Keefe.

Tyler Bertuzzi was also blamed:

Another popular figure in hockey shared his opinion of what happened.

Paul Bissonnette Gets Involved


Paul Bissonnette, the former NHLer, host of the Spittin' Chiclets podcast and influencial voice in the hockey world, gave his thoughts on the situation on X:

"Liljegren initiates contact and they both go into stick battle mode. Marchand outmuscles him the result is the position behind his skate. Not dirty. Boys are just battling."

According to him, there's nothing wrong with the play.

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As seen on Hockey Feed - Paul Bissonnette comes to Marchand's defense and he's not the only one
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Paul Bissonnette Defends Brad Marchand After Liljegren Incident

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