P.K. Subban in Hot Water After New Controversy on ESPN

Published May 10, 2023 at 11:49

In the last few weeks, P.K. Subban has made headlines for the wrong reasons.

For those of you who've been out of the loop, the trouble started with an offensive remark that Subban made about Lizzo's body.

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In the aftermath, there was a torrent of public backlash and demands for ESPN to give him the boot.

But he's still there and that's not all. The former New Jersey Devils player found himself at the center of another drama.

P.K. Subban in Hot Water After New Controversy on ESPN

This time, he was accused of bias by none other than the Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper.

He believed ESPN's sports commentators, including Subban, were unfairly favoring the Devils over the Canes.

In a tweet that quickly gained traction, Cooper expressed his displeasure:

"ESPN announcers are extraordinarily biased against our @Canes. Griping about calls, extolling the talented Jersey and grudgingly acknowledging that "Carolina deserves credit." Seriously dudes."

Undeterred by the backlash, Subban was quick to respond on his Twitter account.

While it's true that former players often harbor a soft spot for their old teams, the reaction from Cooper seems a bit on the extreme side. In the current landscape of sports journalism, it's not uncommon for renowned personalities to lean towards a particular side. Subban, with his unapologetic style, is no different.

Sure, there may be times when he ruffles a few feathers, but that's all part and parcel of the game. Subban is unlikely to change his stripes anytime soon, no matter how many controversies come his way. After all, in this business, controversy is sometimes just part of the job.

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P.K. Subban in Hot Water After New Controversy on ESPN

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