Nick Suzuki shares his thoughts on the Canadiens' 5th pick

Published May 26, 2023 at 7:55

To be captain of the Montreal Canadiens is a great honor and a great deal of prestige. It takes a special person to get there, and Nick Suzuki is a special person.

The team officially named him captain at the golf tournament last September, but he's known since the draft that he'd have this title. In fact, even before selecting Juraj Slafkovsky at No. 1, the captain had said how much he'd love to play with him.

In a recent interview with Simon-Olivier Lorange, Suzuki named three players he likes in the upcoming draft (understandably, he didn't mention Connor Bedard and Adam Fantilli, as the chances of them slipping to No. 5 are nil).

"Nick Suzuki followed with interest the recent NHL lottery that awarded the Canadiens the fifth pick in the upcoming draft. "We'll have a very good player," he says, confident. Right off the bat, he mentions the names Will Smith, Matvei Michkov and Leo Carlsson among those he's most excited about."

- Via La Presse

If we follow the logic, these three players would be Bedard and Fantilli's successors in the draft. This means that, in the captain's eyes, the player among the three mentioned above who will still be available at No. 5 should be the CH selection.

Of course, there's nothing set in stone, but the captain's opinion counts for a lot in the team's decision.
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Nick Suzuki shares his thoughts on the Canadiens' 5th pick

Which of these three players do you think will still be available at No. 5?

Leo Carlsson611.1 %
Matvei Michkov3463 %
Will Smith1425.9 %
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