Vancouver Canucks charter plane being assisted after having an incident on the tarmac at Vancouver International Airport.
Photo credit: Global News

NHL Team's Plane Slides Off Airport Runway In Scary Scene

Published January 16, 2024 at 7:03 PM

This afternoon reports began to surface that one NHL team narrowly avoided disaster after their plane slid off the taxiway in an airport. The incident led to a terrifying situation for the team and airport staff.

NHL Team Narrowly Avoids Disaster In Scary Scene

After arriving home safely from Columbus the Vancouver Canucks encountered a scary incident involving their team plane in the airport.

A report by Global BC confirms that the plane that successfully got the Canucks back home from Columbus encountered a major incident on the tarmac of the Vancouver International Airport.

The Canucks players and staff were not on the plane at the time of the incident. The plane was being transported from the terminal where players safely exited the plane to the Air Canada hangar.

As the plane was being towed across the taxiway both the plane and the vehicle being used to tow it veered off course and into a patch of grass. This caused major concern for both the plane and the individuals working on the runway transporting it.

No Injuries Reported After Incident With Team Plane

Thankfully according to reports, there were no injuries to anyone from the Canucks or the airport staff. The runway was temporarily closed as the crew on the runway worked to get the plane back on the runway. Eventually, the plane would make it safely back to the hangar.

As for the Canucks they returned home after a long flight back to the West Coast. The team is off until Wednesday when they will have a home game against the Arizona Coyotes.

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NHL Team's Plane Slides Off Airport Runway In Scary Scene

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