NHL Insider Reveals Who Was Behind Jay Woodcroft's Firing

Published November 13, 2023 at 11:45

This NHL insider just revealed exactly who was behind Jay Woodcroft's Firing and why he was let go.

Elliotte Friedman Reveals Woodcroft Was Fired To Salvage the Season

The Edmonton Oilers are in crisis mode right now trying to save their season. After coming out to one of the worst starts imaginable, they have dug themselves into a hole that will be difficult to get out of. Due to their slow start, the Oilers chose to fire Head Coach Jay Woodcroft.

This decision drew immediate speculation as to who was behind the decision, and whether or not it was the players who wanted Woodcroft out. Now, Elliotte Friedman has taken to his podcast to explain exactly why he was fired.

"I will say this until I am blue in the face, this coaching change was not about Jay Woodcroft, it was not," said Friedman on the 32 Thoughts podcast. "This coaching change was about Edmonton cannot afford a disastrous season, so what are we going to do to try to change things.

I don't think the players overthrew Jay Woodcroft, I don't buy that."

Friedman believes that the decision really had nothing to do with Woodcroft and that a change was needed in order to send a message and salvage the season. He doesn't think the players had anything to do with it, as it wouldn't have mattered.

Friedman Reveals Tension In the Oilers' Executive Around Decision to Fire Woodcroft

What is also interesting about the decision was that Friedman believes it came from Oilers CEO Jeff Jackson, not General Manager Ken Holland. This isn't good news for Oilers fans, as it hints at the possibility that the executive is not on the same page regarding a plan to get the team out of this mess.

"I think at the end of the day Jeff Jackson made this call," said Friedman. "The fact that it was Kris Knoblauch that says to me it was Jackson's call.

"Holland was the guy who brought in Woodcroft and there's a new sheriff in town," said Friedman.

This comes after Holland and Jackson held the press conference together where they appeared to be on different pages regarding the process that they undertook in firing Woodcroft.

Are they not saying the exact opposite of each other?

We will see if the Coaching change in Edmonton has any effect on how the players respond to their slow start.

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NHL Insider Reveals Who Was Behind Jay Woodcroft's Firing

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