Anaheim Ducks forward carrying the puck in the neutral zone during a home game in the Honda Center.
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NHL Insider Report Suggests The Anaheim Ducks Might Move On From Trevor Zegras

Published January 9, 2024 at 10:00 PM

A new report from a trusted source in the NHL world has suggested that the Anaheim Ducks might not be done with massive trade moves this season.

Ducks Potentially Moving On From Zegras Suggests Insider

Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zegras is a polarizing player in many NHL circles.

His flashy playstyle attracts many fans and scouts but his lack of discipline and attitude has soured just as many. The Anaheim Ducks were thought to be a part of the group who loved his flash. Now a new report might indicate the opposite.

NHL insider Darren Dreger spoke about the aftermath of the Cutter Gauthier trade for the Anaheim Ducks. According to Dreger the addition of Gauthier could lead Zegras out of town to a new home.

Dreger: This isn't reporting, this is wide spread speculation. I've had a couple of teams suggest Zegras could be in play.

(Ray and Dregs pod)

(Good friends with Quinn)

Now Zegras' future is up in the air the speculation will begin until either the team trades him or makes a statement shutting the rumors down. Whatever avenue the Ducks choose will set them up well for the future.

What To Do With Zegras?

With these rumors on the horizon, many fans are disappointed they might not get to see Zegras and Gauthier play together. The two have styles that could complement one another well and would be fascinating to watch.

If they decide to move on from Zegras they could likely get plenty in return for the young superstar. The Ducks need to decide if the flash and skill Zegras brings are enough to offset the weaknesses in his game.

As the weeks and months go by heading into the trade deadline there will likely be more reports and rumors. As those come to the surface we will continue to update the story and its twists and turns.

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NHL Insider Report Suggests The Anaheim Ducks Might Move On From Trevor Zegras

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