NHL Insider Provides Huge Update On The Health Of Dylan Larkin

Published December 10, 2023 at 3:24 PM

Today an NHL insider was able to provide an update on the health of Dylan Larkin after his scary injury last night.

Larkin Suffers Scary Injury Against Division Rival

Last night the Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators went to battle in a division rivalry. During the game, a scrum broke out and Dylan Larkin was injured on what looked like a shot to the back of the neck.

Penalties were handed out after the play and Dylan Larkin did not return to the game. With the injury looking to be to a delicate area in Larkin's neck many were worried about a bad diagnosis. This afternoon an update was finally provided from an NHL insider.

Insider Provides Huge Update On Larkin

After having further tests done and scans completed NHL insider Kevin Weekes was able to give an update on Dylan Larkin. According to Weekes all of the scans on Larkin came back clear for significant injuries.

**Medical Update**
I'm told all scans are negative (clear) for
Captain Larkin. No timeframe for his return. #LGRW #HockeyTwitter #HockeyX #Michigan #PureMichigan

Despite avoiding major injury according to Weekes there has been no update on his condition or timetable for a return. If any more information becomes available on the status of Larkin or his recovery we will pass it along to you.

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NHL Insider Provides Huge Update On The Health Of Dylan Larkin

Will Dylan Larkin miss more or less than 2 weeks with this injury?

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