Blackhawk Veterans Open Up About Corey Perry's Departure

Published December 10, 2023 at 11:26

Two Chicago Blackhawks veterans opened up about the impact that the Corey Perry departure had on the team and how they will move forward.

Foligno, Jones, and Murphy Share Thoughts on Perry's Departure

Corey Perry's termination made a huge wave through the NHL, and there was no question that it must have had some impact within the Blackhawks locker room. Now, Nick Foligno, Seth Jones, and Connor Murphy have opened up about Perry's departure.

Foligno noted that Perry's leaving, being a veteran and leader on the team, left a big hole in the locker room, dropping the energy of the team.

"There was a little bit of a lull on that road trip, when the dust settled and you realized [Corey is] really not coming back," Foligno said. "You could tell the energy he brings...was missing. You mourn that loss, and then you realize, ‘Alright, it's not changing, so what are we going to do to get the energy back?' We realized other guys have to step up.

One of those players who stepped up, according to Foligno, has been Tyler Johnson, who is taking more of a leadership role for the younger players in Perry's absence.

Murphy Stressed Importance of Stepping Up For Younger Players to Give Energy to Team

Connor Murphy also shared his thoughts on how he can help the younger players on the team through this change, as he has the experience of being with the Blackhawks for a period of time.

«I come from some experience of just being here, having some comfort with the staff and team, and knowing what we've been through and what doesn't work,» Murphy said. «Knowing [my way] around can help with anyone who's either uncomfortable or seems like they're trying to find themselves in a new organization.

The Blackhawks' season is not necessarily going how they'd hoped, and the important thing for the team to focus on is continuing to develop and build its young core. Doing so will take tremendous leadership from the older veterans on the team.

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Blackhawk Veterans Open Up About Corey Perry's Departure

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