Montreal and Edmonton's Near-Miss: The Trade That Almost Spelled Disaster

Published August 27, 2023 at 9:45 PM

While most NHL summers are all about the big moves that happen, sometimes deals come close but never get past the finish line, and that's what exactly happened back in the summer of 2016.

A near miss


As reported on social media, seven years ago, a trade almost came to fruition between two Canadian teams in the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens.

As outlined by Big Head Hockey, here's exactly what almost went down:

To Edmonton:
— PK Subban
— 9th Overall (became Sergachev)

To Montreal:
— Leon Draisaitl
— Darnell Nurse
— 4th Overall Pick (became Puljujarvi)

A near steal

While PK Subban was at the peak of his powers at this point, and was eventually traded, there's no other way to describe this deal than an absolute steal for Montreal.

In the deal, the team would give up a veteran defenseman they would ultimately move and the 9th pick while getting back a solid, top-four blue liner, a better first-round pick and one of the best players in the NHL today in Leon Draisaitl.

Ultimately, Edmonton likely came to their senses and called the deal off, but this is a wild one to look back on in hindsight, especially with what McDavid and Draisaitl have become, so Oilers fans can count themselves lucky that this one didn't go through.

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Montreal and Edmonton's Near-Miss: The Trade That Almost Spelled Disaster

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