Michel Bergeron goes after Martin St-Louis

Published December 29, 2022 at 8:48 PM

Martin St-Louis made several attempts to complete the trio of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, but only Kirby Dach passed the audition. With all the games the Tricolore are playing away from home right now and the fact that Sean Monahan is injured, the coach didn't have much choice but to split them up and put Dach at center.

St-Louis is still looking for solutions to revive its attack, which has been terrible away from home is. For Wednesday's game, it was Joel Armia's turn to have an audition and Michel Bergeron had a lot to say about that decision:

"It's like sending a gang of plumbers to a dentist convention. It doesn't work! It puts me to shame! We all love him Armia. He's a nice guy. He's a big six foot four inch guy who doesn't hit anybody and has zero goals. Again, he plays with Suzuki."

"I'll tell you, honestly, if it had happened in my day, a fourth line player with Peter Stastny, Peter wouldn't have finished the game. He would have gone back to the bench and told me ''I want to talk to you.'' I probably would have told him we could talk in the morning." - Michel Bergeron

The Tiger didn't stop there, openly criticizing the decision to have Brendan Gallagher travel with the team. According to him, it was not necessary:

"Brendan Gallagher made the trip to Florida. It's been a long time since he was injured, we didn't even know the nature of the injury. If the Canadiens had a trip to Buffalo and Columbus, would Gallagher be on the trip? With seven feet of snow in Buffalo, asking the question is answering it." - Michel Bergeron

Many fans will agree with Bergy. Joel Armia hasn't scored a goal and he's on the first line and the power play. Sure, he's had his chances, but does that warrant such a promotion? Nevertheless, Martin St-Louis has to find solutions quickly, because the offense has been out of action for the last ten games.

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Michel Bergeron goes after Martin St-Louis

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