Maxim Lapierre Gives The Highest Praise to Carey Price

October 28, 2022  (1:09 PM)

It was a very busy week for Carey Price. After giving a press conference with the Habs that didn't explicitly state he was retiring, but that there was a very slim chance he would be able to reschedule the pads for an NHL game someday, he confessed his addiction to alcohol in a bombshell interview with Arpon Basu.

While Basu was optimistic about his situation, he said that at this point, he would need a miracle to make a return to the game.
His former teammate Maxim Lapierre, who is now an analyst for TVA Sports, had a powerful message for all those who continue to criticize Price on social media.
Here's his heartfelt cry about the famous No. 31 on La Poche Bleue Le Midi:
"Me it always made me laugh. I used to hear people who didn't like him say that Carey Price isn't that good, but every year the NHL players voted Carey Price the best goalie, it was unanimous. So all these players don't know hockey. After that I saw him from the inside. I won the cup with him in Hamilton, I saw him in Montreal... Sometimes he had bad games like everyone else, but he never had a team! He never had a team, that guy. Put him with Colorado, St. Louis, the Los Angeles Kings instead of Jonathan Quick and he would have won the Stanley Cups. He was the best goalie in the NHL." - Maxim Lapierre

The former number 40 of the Habs went even further in his claims of being the best goalie of his generation, even coming from the mouths of hockey legends.
"I had a chance to discuss this with Martin Brodeur when he came to St. Louis with us and Roberto Luongo in Vancouver... Those guys, they're legends and they were telling me they'd never seen that! They were saying, "I've never seen a guy like that. He's so strong, it's another level. It's impossible to be like Carey!" The guys were saying it." - Maxim Lapierre

He ended his point with another big statement to attest to Price's impact on the Montreal Canadiens franchise.
"I'm going to go further than that and say that this guy saved the pride of the Habs for the 15 years that he was there because we would have been bad not about! He was so good that he hurt us because we did not really see the product we had and we were not there at all. He was saving everyone, basically." - Maxim Lapierre

In Lapierre's eyes, there's no doubt that Price should be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame one day and his jersey should be retired by the Canadiens.
It's hard to disagree with the Quebecer, Price has been the best goalie in the world for many years without a really solid team in front of him. Even with his share of injuries now keeping him out of the game, he carried the Habs to 2021 on his shoulders, pushing this team to the Stanley Cup Final almost single-handedly.
Price deserves all the credit the organization can give him for his incredible career and all he's accomplished for this already storied franchise.
Credit : HabsolumentFan
Maxim Lapierre Gives The Highest Praise to Carey Price

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