Major turnaround today? Kent Hughes has the opportunity to make a big splash

Published December 12, 2022 at 1:15 PM

We reported the extremely surprising information yesterday, that the Nashville Predators had placed a former first round pick in 2017 and talented forward with a very interesting profile in Eeli Tolvanen on waivers.

The latter is a young 23-year-old forward who never really had a good seat in Nashville to show his full potential. Yet, the Finn did very well in the shortened NHL season, compiling a record of 11 goals and 22 points in 40 games at age 21.

Unfortunately for him, last year was much more complicated. He was forced to play on the bottom six of the team due to the depth of the Predators' offense, which limited his production to 23 points in 75 games.

Clearly, a change of scenery would be more than necessary for Tolvanen who is still a highly talented player. He just hasn't had the right chance since arriving in the National League to establish himself as a top-6 forward.

Which brings me to the Habs. This is a golden opportunity for Kent Hughes to get his hands on a project that could bring a huge return to the organization. Offered for free via waivers, Tolvanen only commands a two-year contract at $1.45M. He could be a real bargain next year, if he can get into second gear in his development.

If he doesn't, it's not a big risk for the CH to take, honestly. Besides, he just came back from an injury that bothered him at the beginning of the season. He currently has four points in 13 games.

Despite the surplus of forwards in the Habs, this opportunity could be very profitable for Hughes who has strongly adopted the "buy low sell high" philosophy since he took over.

Given that the Tricolore no longer selects first from waivers, we can only hope that Tolvanen can make it to the CH's lineup.
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Major turnaround today? Kent Hughes has the opportunity to make a big splash

If you were the GM of the Habs, would you call for Eeli Tolvanen to be acquired, if the opportunity arose?

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