Colton Dach made a huge statement about his brother Kirby and reveals it all during his time in Chicago.

Published December 12, 2022 at 9:53

The former Chicago Blackhawks management had the Dach family realize a moment of destiny in 2021. After drafting big brother Kirby third overall in 2019, the Hawks selected little brother Colton 63rd overall in the 2021 draft.

While the younger brother is currently at the Team Canada camp, preparing for the World Junior Championship, sports reporter Kevin Dubé of the Journal de Québec took the opportunity to speak with him.

Dubé was first asked about Kirby's debut with the Habs. He said that since he was with the CH, his brother seemed happier:

"What I notice most is that he seems to be having more fun. He plays with a smile on his face and you can feel his energy and confidence. He's played several games with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, two great players, and he's complemented them very well. I'm proud of him." - Colton Dach

This gives another great indication that the organization's youngsters are feeling good about Montreal under the new management. Clearly, having several young players who are roughly the same age, but are also very mature, seems to bring a great vibe to the team environment.

The reporter then asked the question that is on everyone's lips in Montreal, regarding number 77. With the 21-year-old forward back at center against the Los Angeles Kings last Saturday, Dubé asked Colton if he thought his brother was a center or a winger:

"For me, it's hard to say since I've always seen him play center. On the other hand, I have to admit that he has played well on the wing. I don't think it matters to him, to be honest. He wants to play in the NHL like every field hockey player, so for him to have this chance to put skates on an NHL ice every day is pretty cool." - Colton Dach

Basically, even his brother isn't sure about the best position for his big brother, but his words are fully reassuring for the future with Kirby.

Unlike some former players in the team's recent history, Dach will never sulk about the position he plays, he is fully grateful for the chance to play in the NHL and that is what matters to him. Whether it's wing or center, he doesn't worry about it.

The Tricolore forward currently has 19 points, including four goals, in 27 games this season.

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Colton Dach made a huge statement about his brother Kirby and reveals it all during his time in Chicago.

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