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Major turnaround in the Cole Caufield case

Published May 31, 2023 at 5:34 PM

Yesterday we shared with you Antoine Roussel's shocking statement concerning a possible offer sheet for Cole Caufield.

The former NHLer wondered if Pat Brisson and Cole Caufield were planning to wait for a hostile bid to raise the stakes.

It didn't take much to worry everyone, but there's a twist in the tale from Darren Dreger.

According to the source, no general manager would be foolish enough to make an offer sheet to the Caufield clan, knowing full well that he and Kent Hughes want a long-term deal. They've mentioned it several times.

When a GM makes an offer sheet, it leaves its mark. It wreaks havoc on future discussions between League executives. You have to be sure you have a real chance of acquiring the player, otherwise you look crazy.

So, according to Dreger's logic, we can rest easy knowing there won't be any offers from other teams.

May 31   |   222 answers
Major turnaround in the Cole Caufield case

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