Major statement from Darren Dreger: ‘General Managers will be lining up for his services'.

Published January 12, 2023 at 3:00 PM

With the majority of the team's players being veterans, there is definitely an evaluation that needs to be done to determine which experienced players the Habs want to surround their young core with for years to come and which to trade away.

While some of these players are ending their contracts with the club at the end of this season, or next year, others have long-term deals with the CH, including Brendan Gallagher and Josh Anderson.

In both cases, the two forwards will have four years left on their current deals after this season. This means that they are signed until the 2026-2027 campaign, which is a very long time!

With Josh Anderson's play, there is plenty of food for thought as to whether he is someone to keep in the team's environment. He is a very inconsistent player, who shows up every other game, has a significant injury history, and has a hefty contract of $5.5M per season.

We are currently in a position where we have to wonder if Josh Anderson could become a trade target by the NHL trade deadline. We also know that there was a lot of interest in his services last off-season.

However, according to Pierre LeBrun, Kent Hughes does not seem to want to trade him, at least not at this time.

Is it because the Tricolore GM is waiting to get the price he's looking for in return for the power forward's services? It's quite possible, because no one is untradeable and everyone has a price.

Everything leads us to believe that the CH's number 17 is not officially available to other teams in the league, but if he were to become available, it seems that there would be a crazy market for him.

According to TSN's reputable tipster Darren Dreger, he is confident that Kent Hughes would receive at least 10-15 calls from other NHL general managers.

"If Josh Anderson is made available, Kent Hughes is going to get at least 10 to 15 calls. General managers will be lining up for his services!" - Darren Dreger

So despite a disappointing 11-goal, 14-point season in 39 games so far, Anderson still has just as much value around the league. Plus, the 28-year-old winger doesn't seem to be very comfortable with the style of play Martin St. Louis is advocating. He's not as explosive as he used to be.

Yes, Kent Hughes seems to want to keep him. But could his performances since the beginning of the season incite the GM to trade him, in order to increase his bank of prospects or draft picks?

The price set by the Habs' GM for their power forward seems very high. We can imagine that at the very least, a first round pick is certainly something Hughes is looking for. Is he also asking for a quality prospect ready to join the ranks of the Tricolore as well? It's a real possibility.

We'll just have to wait until the trade deadline to see if any team is willing to pay Hughes' asking price for his player.

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Major statement from Darren Dreger: ‘General Managers will be lining up for his services'.

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