Major Prediction for Mitch Marner's Future in Toronto

Published August 25, 2023 at 1:11 PM

Brad Treliving gave Auston Matthews a 4x$13.25M contract earlier this week.

This deal makes everyone wonder: How much will other top players get now?

If Matthews gets $13.25M, what will someone like Mitch Marner get?


Marner's Next Contract

On his podcast, Elliotte Friedman talked about how much the Toronto Maple Leafs might pay Mitch Marner.

Here's what he said:

"What is Marner's next number? Because he was the closest one to Matthews. When Matthews signed for an $11.634M AAV, all of a sudden Marner became close to an $11M player. So now that Matthews' number is $13.25M, what's Marner's number? Is it $13.249999M?"

$13M for Marner?!

Marner played exceptionally well last season. But will he get $13M? Some think he'll get around $11M or $12M, but not $13M.

People have lots to say about this:

Because let's be frank, there's a difference between Matthews and Marner.

Marner has never scored more than 35 goals in a season and has never reached 100 points. In that sense, Matthews, with his 542 points in 481 career games in Toronto, is much more valuable.

Do you think Marner deserves $13M AAV?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Elliotte Friedman Drops a Bombshell Regarding Marner's Future
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Major Prediction for Mitch Marner's Future in Toronto

Do you think Marner deserves $13M AAV?

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