MUST-WATCH: Connor Bedard Embarrasses Himself With Rookie Mistake

Published November 17, 2023 at 7:33

The Blackhawks look like a completely different team this year after adding Connor Bedard at the draft. The rookie sensation is on pace for one of the best rookie seasons in NHL history but last game he still showed how new he is to the league as he made a classic rookie mistake.

Bedard Makes Hilarious Rookie Mistake

Bedard was called for holding the stick in the game, resulting in a minor penalty. As he skated past the referee making the call to the crowd, he continued towards the wrong box. The referee had to help him out by pointing at the correct box.

It was a small misstep for the rookie who is currently on pace for more than 40 goals. He remains on such a torrid scoring pace due to his wicked accurate shot, which he showed off in the very same game by scoring from a ridiculous angel immediately after stealing the puck in the offensive zone.

Gretzky: Bedard 'Better Than We Thought'

The rookie center has certainly left a strong impression on everyone in the hockey world, even the great one. Gretzky praised Bedard's willingness to shoot the puck as he offered the rookie a high compliment.

"He (Bedard) may even be better than we thought."

That is high praise coming from the NHL's all-time leading scorer. And if anyone would recognize how good Bedard is, it would be the greatest player of all time. Even with the hype surrounding Bedard coming into this year, most fans probably were not expecting him to take over the league so quickly. The scary thing is he's been doing this mostly against the best teams in the league, including Boston and Vegas, both of whom he's already played twice.

The only question left is just how many goals Bedard can score this year.

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MUST-WATCH: Connor Bedard Embarrasses Himself With Rookie Mistake

How many goals will Bedard score this year?

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