2024 NHL All-Star jerseys
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MUST-SEE: 2024 NHL All-Star Jerseys Meet Harsh Feedback From Fans After Online Leak

Published January 13, 2024 at 8:35 PM

Every year NHL jersey collectors get a chance to add a unique piece to their collection with the All-Star jerseys. This year the league might not sell very many though after the sweaters leaked online and most do not seem to be a fan of the design.

2024 All-Star Jerseys Leaked By Adidas On Online Webstore

The Jersey design was leaked by Adidas themselves as they accidentally posted the jerseys for sale on their online webstore. It seems as though the league was going for a throw-back look of sorts, but the design seems to be largely an afterthought as the four jerseys are identical other than the fact that each is a solid different color.

The 2024 #NHLAllStar jerseys have been unveiled 🌟

Thoughts? 🤔

NHL Fans Share Thoughts On All-Star Jerseys

The reaction online has been understandably underwhelming. Most fans seems to agree that the jerseys are questionable at best, with many fans making jokes about them.

Ewwwwwwww. What were they thinking?

Possibly the worst #NHLAllStar jerseys ever made

Are these.... seriously.... the NHL All-Star Game Jerseys... Did a 5-year old design these!?!?!

It seems then that the NHL might not generate as much revenue from the sale of these jerseys as they might have been expecting. Only time will tell.

As seen on 2024 NHL All-Star Jerseys Leak On Adidas Website Ahead Of All-Star Weekend
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MUST-SEE: 2024 NHL All-Star Jerseys Meet Harsh Feedback From Fans After Online Leak

Are these the worst All-Star jerseys of all time?

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No912.9 %
No, but close710 %
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