MAJOR: NHL Has Been Secretly Spying On Players

Published October 28, 2023 at 7:43 PM

In order to ensure players are not violating the league's gambling rules, there has to be some way of monitoring their gambling habits. That being said, the NHL may have crossed a line with their current policy.

NHL Automatically Notified When Players Make Betting Accounts

Following the suspension of Senators forward Shane Pinto, NHL players became aware of the fact that sports betting services automatically notify the league when they open an account. This information comes from the report of the Pinto suspension.

"We've been led to believe that NHL players weren't aware until Pinto's suspension that any player who opens an online betting account has their information forwarded to the league's security department for compliance purposes.

You can be certain there were players across the league deleting the gambling apps on their phones once they found out that was the case in the last 24-to-48 hours." - Bruce Garrioch, Ottawa Sun

This tidbit from Bruce Garrioch implies that NHL players were unaware that the league could see their betting habits, or at least see that they have an account. If Pinto was suspended because of this, then there must be people in the league office that do check player accounts to see if they are violating the league's rules.

Pinto Did Not Bet On NHL Games


As part of the announcement of Pinto's suspension, the NHL revealed that he did not bet on any hockey games. Rather, he shared his login info with a 3rd party based in New York to get around the limitations if the international border when he was in Canada. This is known as proxy betting, a practice that is illegal. Pinto was likely unaware that this is the case but will have to pay the consequences anyways.

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MAJOR: NHL Has Been Secretly Spying On Players

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