Leafs To Send Tyler Bertuzzi Back To Former Team

Published November 5, 2023 at 5:39 PM

Trade rumors and the Toronto Maple Leafs go together like ugly on an ape. The two are virtually inseparable. As the team has gotten off to a slow start this year, rumors have begun to swirl around the team as they so often do but this time there is an interesting twist.

Leafs Looking To Trade New Player

The team is reportedly interested in trading Tyler Bertuzzi, who the team only just acquired this offseason. While Bertuzzi certainly has not lived up to expectations, it is quite unusual for a team to trade a player they just acquired, unless its part of a three-way trade or some other kind of offseason deal that sees players moved through teams without ever putting on their jersey. Apparently Bertuzzi and the Leafs have been bad enough that that just might happen.

NESN reporter Keagan Stiefel discussed the possibility of the Leafs and Bruins coming to an agreement for Bertuzzi.

"Toronto would be in no hurry to trade Bertuzzi back to Boston, and the Bruins (currently) aren't able to take on the financial commitment. That won't stop a possible reunion this offseason, however. As Bertuzzi continues to struggle north of the border, it's something to keep an eye on."

Stiefel acknowledges the fact that both teams are in a cap crunch so a move would be difficult. Since the Leafs gave Bertuzzi just a one-year deal any move in the offseason would likely not involve a trade at all as Bertuzzi will be free to explore all his options including the Bruins.

Leafs Not Getting Enough From Bertuzzi


Leafs fans were sold on the idea that Bertuzzi, Domi, and Reaves would change the culture of the team and make them harder to play against. So far those three have combined for just eight points through 11 games with their new team. Reaves fought twice in the first two games of the season but has not dropped the gloves once since then. Domi has no goals. Bertuzzi has just two despite playing in a top line role with Matthews and Marner for most of his time so far.

While the scoring has not been there for Bertuzzi and the other new guys, neither has the toughness and grit. Leafs fans were quick to jump on Bertuzzi for his reaction to Brad Marchand injuring Timothy Liljegren. It is a sentiment that was shared with Sheldon Keefe and Leafs upper management.

The Leafs have now lost more games than they have won this year as they have a record of 5-4-2. Technically still above .500 by NHL standards. However, if they cannot get into a groove soon, the team could actually be in danger of missing the playoffs or settling for a wild card spot.

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Leafs To Send Tyler Bertuzzi Back To Former Team

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