Latest Report Suggests Tensions between Matthews and Toronto

Published August 22, 2023 at 11:51

The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing a pivotal moment in their history. With a two-decade-long playoff drought weighing heavily on the franchise, it's time for the team to make some critical decisions, especially regarding two of their star players.

The "Leaders"


The heart and soul of the Leafs for the last seven years have been the Core Four, made of Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, William Nylander, and John Tavares.

Despite their impressive performances, they have only managed to clinch one single playoff series win. Now, with both Matthews and Nylander's contracts coming to an end, Leafs' management, Brad Treliving and Brendan Shanahan, must consider all available options.

Tensions in the Negotiations?


Recent reports from Howard Berger, a respected sports journalist, suggest that there could be some friction brewing between Matthews and the Leafs' management. With the player looking for a record-breaking contract and the team yet to witness playoff success, the possibility of Matthews leaving is on the rise.

In Berger's latest text, he explores the growing tension between the two parties, highlighting how talks seem to be leading nowhere. With Matthews looking for a blockbuster deal, the lack of playoff success and his inconsistent performances in high-stakes games have put his future with the Leafs in question.

As of now, there is still time for the Leafs to secure Matthews' services before he becomes a free agent, but the clock is ticking. With each passing day without an extension, the tension between the two sides may increase.

If the Leafs fail to find success in the playoffs this season, Berger recommends that the team explore options to replace Matthews, which could involve bringing in two or three players to fill the $13 million gap his departure would leave.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Reporter Hints At Possible Tension Between Maple Leafs And Matthews
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Latest Report Suggests Tensions between Matthews and Toronto

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