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Kids Hockey Coach Beats Up Assistant On The Ice As Kids Watch

Published December 17, 2023 at 10:25

Hockey is a fast, physical sport. It is understandable that tensions are going to boil over at times. What is hard to understand is why a coach would beat up another coach during the pre-game ceremony but that is exactly what happened in a new viral video that has come out of Russia.

Coach Seen Beating Up Associate During Pre-Game Ceremony

It is traditional for teams to play the national anthem while the starters stand on the ice. That appears to be exactly what was going on in this Russian kids league when one team's head coach suddenly decided to start beating up his assistant.

The fight was serious enough that the on-ice officials had to step in. Not everyday you see the refs breaking up a fight among coaches. Although it is not accurate to call this a fight. Rather, one coach was simply beating on the other.

This kind of behavior sets a bad example for children and is completely unacceptable in this context. The coach should be embarrassed and get some kind of disciplinary action from the league.

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Kids Hockey Coach Beats Up Assistant On The Ice As Kids Watch

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