John Tortorella during a press conference.
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John Tortorella Destroys Cutter Gauthier In First Interview After Massive Trade

Published January 9, 2024 at 11:48

John Tortorella is well known for speaking his mind, and that's exactly what he did when asked about Cutter Gauthier and the Flyers blockbuster trade.

Surprise Blockbuster Trade Raises Questions About Why Gauthier Was Traded

No one was expecting the massive blockbuster trade that went down yesterday between the Philadelphia Flyers and Anaheim Ducks that saw the Flyers part ways with their 5th overall pick in last year's draft, Cutter Gauthier. They sent him to the Ducks for Jamie Drysdale and a second-round pick.

Speculation began immediately regarding why the trade was made since Gauthier is still playing at Boston College. Insiders have suggested that Gauthier told the Flyers he didn't want to play there.

This was also confirmed by Daniel Briere, Flyers GM, that Gauthier told the organization he didn't want to play there after telling them he did during the draft.

«Looked at us at the draft, and told us he was built to be a Flyer, wanted to be a Flyer. Maybe few months later told us he didn't want to be a Flyer.»

Tortorella Roasts Gauthier In Interview After Trade

Now, John Tortorella, well known for sharing his unfiltered thoughts, has weighed in on the matter, inadvertently (or intentionally) roasting Gauthier in the crossfire. Torts said during his interview he wouldn't know Gauthier from a hole in the wall, which is a dig at him since the two have clearly met.

"I don't know Cutter from a hole in the wall"

With the big shakeup now settling in, we will have to see if this was the right move for the Flyers, even if they didn't necessarily have a choice.
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John Tortorella Destroys Cutter Gauthier In First Interview After Massive Trade

Who won the trade?

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Flyers1035.7 %
Neither, good trade828.6 %
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